About RSG

Relax. Set. Go. is a quick step program that turns a pause into perspective and a minute into magic. It will make you feel like Superman. It will give you greater peace and balance. It will make you happier and more personally successful. It will give you appreciation for the little things and the confidence to go after the big things. It will make a difference and it can be yours in three simple steps.  Are you ready to change your life? Get ready to Relax. Set. Go.

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10 Rules to Relish

We all share common threads but our lives are so individual. The 10 Relax. Set. Go. Rules to Relish provide the road map; you design the destination that defines your personal success.  You will see maximum results with little effort when you give yourself a break, direct your positive energy and create a desired outcome.  Remember, they are rules to relish, not to restrict.  So take a deep breath, have fun and Relax. Set. Go.

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10 Power Pauses

The 10 Power Pauses will get you through anything and everything. They give definition to the different reasons to relax and they help to set the narrative for where you want to go. They are meant to direct, never to dictate. You may gravitate to one or all, or you may create your very own power pauses. Your personal RSG style will emerge, and that’s the point. The more RSG becomes your own, the better it will work for you. The better it works, the more you will prosper in every positive way possible.

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When my son was 4 years old, he created an invisible lightening suit that he put on when he wanted a little super human, super hero strength (adult translation:  confidence and verve).  Like a flash, he would stop what he was doing and make the motions of putting on the suit:  draping the hood and…

Are You In A Busy Rut

No matter how busy you are, do you ever feel like you should be doing more (or doing more productive things)? It’s easy to fill a day with busy and busy is easy to justify.  It usually means doing a lot of stuff that is necessary but it’s not necessarily what you need to do…

Turn On Your Brain Part II

Activity engages brain plasticity and apathy encourages brain atrophy. Complacency turns the brain “off.” New challenges keep it “on.” So, go ahead and challenge the brain with new activity and new ideas.  Make exercise a priority and exercise your right to be the best you can be. Direct your thoughts to the positive and keep…