About RSG

Relax. Set. Go. is a quick step program that turns a pause into perspective and a minute into magic. It will make you feel like Superman. It will give you greater peace and balance. It will make you happier and more personally successful. It will give you appreciation for the little things and the confidence to go after the big things. It will make a difference and it can be yours in three simple steps.  Are you ready to change your life?  Get ready to Relax. Set. Go.

Relax . . . take a deep breath and pause
Set . . .your personal energy to a positive and specific narrative
Go . . . for everything you set your mind to

Relax. Set. Go. cuts through the clutter of self help promises and applies common sense that gets results in an instant, or better yet, in a constant. It’s an emergent mix of personal empowerment, stress management, heightened awareness, human nature, energy output, brain science, physical health, spirituality, meditation, and the realities of everyday life. It doesn’t rely on heavy handed clinical language that complicates simple concepts and impedes progress.  At it’s core, it removes the rhetoric and focuses on the solution.

Relax. Set. Go. is a fast, easy and effective tool in countering chaos, dealing with toxic energy and managing the 24/7 demands of work and life in general.  A long walk, a day at the gym or a week’s vacation is great way to distress but it’s not always practical.  Everyone needs to reboot and redirect from time to time — in the moment when it‘s needed most.  Relax Set Go. is something everyone needs and something everyone has time to do.  It really does work in an a snap and the great thing is that Relax. Set. Go. doesn’t just change your moment, it changes your potential.  Stress less, achieve more and go from one minute to remarkable!