Are You In a Busy Rut?

No matter how busy you are, do you ever feel like you should be doing more (or doing more productive things)?

It’s easy to fill a day with busy and busy is easy to justify.  It usually means doing a lot of stuff that is necessary but it’s not necessarily what you need to do in order to feel productive about what you’re doing.  And if what you’re doing feels like you’re running in place, then the place you’re in is a Busy Rut.

You can’t walk away from busy but you can bust it up a bit.  Don’t make busy your excuse and by all means, don’t make it your epitaph (she was too busy to live).  Believe me, busy is a slippery slope and what slips the fastest are the years gone by and the woulda, shoulda, couldas.  So put a little busy aside (you can find the time if you make it a priority) and do something that breaks the pattern.  It’s different for everyone so you decide what you need to do . . .  and use a little RSG to bust up your busy rut. Get out of your comfort zone and get off the treadmill that’s keeping you captive.  You may still be running, but you will at last, be going somewhere. Relax. Set. Go.

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