Identifying Your Personal Energy

The energy you project, whether consciously or subconsciously, defines the way people see you and the way you see the world around you. Energy is a boomerang. It’s your karma and it does come around. You think what you believe. You are what you think. You project what you are. You attract what you project. The goal is to project positive energy, even in negative situations.

Without self direction, personal energy and therefore you, are subject to the whim of circumstance. What is your personal energy? How is it influenced by the situation or by the way you may physically feel at the time? Are you operating in the negative or in the positive? By answering the following questions, you will begin to raise your energy consciousness and in a few quick steps you will be able to identify, feel and set your energy like never before.

1. How do you feel when you are in a great mood?
2. How do you feel when you are stressed out?
3. How do you react to stressful situations when you are in a great mood?
4. How do you react to stressful situations when you are overwhelmed?
5. How do your feelings and reactions change when you are tired?

Negative Energy: pessimistic, lethargic, unhappy, agitated, insecure, fearful, resentful, narrow minded, frustrated, anxious . . .

Positive Energy: optimistic, energetic, happy, composed, confident, courageous, appreciative, open minded, content, relaxed . . .

How would your life be different, if even at the height of stress, all of your radiating energy was positively radiant? If you were an observer instead of participant in every conversation you have or in everything you do, how would you view your behavior or the way you speak? If energy = attitude = actions, what kind of energy would you create? One of the challenges we face today is that high stress at a fast pace causes us to live reactively. Negative energy is reactive. Positive energy is proactive. Relax. Set. Go. gives you the break you need to stop before you think, to think before you act and to always act with positive energy and a winning attitude.

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