Out With The Old. In With The New.

Positive energy is the cornerstone to everything. When you master it, you master the key to a positive mindset. Energy = attitude = actions. Energy = mindset. Mindset is conditioned by the habitual, often subconscious narratives we tell ourselves . . . about ourselves, about our circumstance and about the people around us. Unfortunately and most accidentally, much of our conditioning is steeped in negative reinforcement instead of positive affirmation.

Relax. Set. Go. shifts mindset from the subconscious to the conscious, breaks the negative patterns of narrative conditioning and builds the positive ones. What is your mindset? Do you “believe it when you see it,” or do you “see it when you believe it?” Conscious mindset allows you to choose your energy, write your narrative and go for everything you set your mind to.

The past is the past so it is only present if you take it with you. In the past, if waking up to a rainy day made you tired; relax, leave it behind and set anew. In the past, if you thought you couldn’t change the way you felt, or felt you couldn’t succeed at something; relax, leave it behind and set anew. What you take with you, or where you go, is really up to you.

Relax and stop what you are doing. Really stop. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel a sense of calm and balance. If it helps, visualize a light switch and turn off any remaining noise in your mind. No distractions or spinning allowed.

Set your personal energy. To do this, literally choose to project positive energy. Visualize positive energy filling your body with each deep breath and negative energy leaving your body with each exhale. Do this until all of the negative is out and gone. Use your breathing to pump up the positive energy until you feel it in a heightened state. Try to visualize your energy as a color or symbol (like a ping or swirl of light). Mark it and make that color or symbol an indelible imprint for bringing on your best energy. If you can’t mark it with a visual, then mark it with a distinct but subtle physical symbol. Try squeezing your fist or opening your palms to the sky. Whatever you choose, your mark will become the trigger for instantaneous energy engagement. Whenever I need to engage my positive energy, I look for something orange to trigger a powerful quick step to success.  It’s my energy mark and it works every time.

Set your personal narrative (this is what you say to yourself). Make it positive, fill it with inspiration and say it with conviction. It can be as simple as “today is going to be an excellent day,” or “I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.“ If you have a specific goal in mind, then be specific.

Go for it. A healthy dose of positive affirmation sets you on course to go for anything and everything you desire. It also strengthens your personal energy output. Remember, energy is a boomerang. The people around you may not know the narrative you tell yourself but they will begin to react to it based on the very positive energy you project. And that alone can begin the transformation to a truly remarkable life.

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  1. Relax, Set, Go, my new mantra this holiday season!

  2. Thank you, for the reminder. It is my choice what narrative I’m listening to. And if I’m not sure, thean it’s me who is accoutable for finding out. Great post. Thanks, again!

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