RSG Founder

Let me throw an elephant into the room. I’m not a doctor, Fortune 500 CEO, accredited motivational guru, Ivy league educator, self help arbiter, professional athlete or celebrity of any sort. So, how did I come up with Relax. Set. Go. and why am I qualified to share it with you?

I spent 23 years in the extremely fast paced and competitive magazine publishing industry; specifically in advertising sales where I served as Associate Publisher at several top publications. Over the years, I led record breaking sales teams, built brand equity and developed multi-platform sales initiatives.  It was an exhilarating and exhausting career where I celebrated success amid the suffocating stress of deadlines, corporate politics, relentless volume and out of control expectations.

Non-stop action is revered in a rapid paced society, but it comes at a price.  I understand the emotional and physical toll brought on by professional and/or personal overload.  When you are always in motion, sometimes you forget how to stop.  I kept saying that, as a culture we all but lost the ability to pause.  My determination to reclaim it was exactly what led to Relax. Set. Go. and it’s also what makes it so relevant and different.  I came to realize that it wasn’t just about reclaiming the pause.  It was what I did with it that mattered most.  And I did the most with it when I allowed myself to Relax. Set. Go.

Relax. Set. Go. doesn’t come from a text book, a doctor’s couch or a lecturer’s pulpit. It comes from my real life experience; from understanding the difference between what most chronically stressed people know they should do and what they feel in their immediate position that they have to do. I know the potential pitfalls of days where being down feels easier than rising up but I also know how great rising up feels in the wake of being down.

I spent many years seeking the key to happiness and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. The thing that always stopped my progress was the demand for dramatic change and the heavy load of self help ideology. I would get a rush of enthusiasm as I saw the possibilities but became discouraged if I wasn’t able to meet every criterion of the program. Truth be told, I rarely read a self help book from cover to cover. I adopted the theory but it just took too much effort to immerse myself in the process. It took a while but I finally realized that it’s not the self help program in it’s entirety that makes it a success, it’s what you take away to improve your life. And, for most time pressed and overburdened overachievers, the take-away is just about all they have time to digest and act upon. The beauty of Relax. Set. Go. is that even though it took years to discover it only takes one minute to apply.  The quick step process is the ultimate take-away; the Cliff’s Notes to self improvement and personal fulfillment.

In looking back on my career, one of the greatest rewards was helping to empower and inspire sellers to be the best they could be.   Ironically, what I didn’t realize at the time was that I was teaching them Relax. Set. Go. I loved the sales process and would regularly visualize a desired outcome prior to entering a meeting.  I was already practicing Relax. Set. Go. When I started spinning about a toxic topic, I would put it into perspective and move to the positive.  More Relax. Set. Go. . . . it was there all the time and now it can there all the time for you, too.