What is an RSGism?  . . . a doctrine or new catch phrase that makes sense in today’s world and defines the RSG movement.

Karmaround: Karma really does come around . . . It might not always happen when you want it or need it most but it will come back and when it does, that’s called Karmaround.

If Silence Is Golden, The Pause Is Platinum: The pause is the most underrated, underutilized, easy to use tool that everyone needs and everyone has time to take advantage of.  Peace and silence don’t always go hand.  Peace rarely comes without a pause and that in itself makes the pause pure platinum.

Emotional Clock:
When you’re running late and waiting for the bus, a few minutes can seem like an eternity.  Other times,  time seems to evaporate before you can get anything done.   The movement of time is always the same but sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way.   That’s your emotional clock playing  tricks on your emotional state!

The Big Blur Phenomenon:
When you move so fast that everything becomes a blur and there is little distinction between the things that define your life.

The Common Sense Law Of Perspective: Perspective drives the reality we create.  We create our perspective, therefore, we create our reality.

Pocket Perspective: The ability to compartmentalize the chaos, deal with one thing at a time and know that everything else will get done in due time.

Energy Is A Boomerang: Make sure you’re sending out the good stuff because the more you do, the more you’ll attract the same.  Unlike Karma which moves on its own time line, energy is pretty much immediate.   Keep it positive and that boomerang will respond accordingly.

Stress Block Syndrome: When the To Do list becomes a Stress list and the negative influences of stress start to block emotional clarity and energy consciousness.

Narrative Conditioning: The habitual, often subconscious stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that can be either positive or negative.

Snap Into It: More than just “snapping out” of a bad place, “snap into” a good one with a little RSG!

Grayscale: The color of life when you move too fast to see how vibrant life can be.

The exercise of pausing.

Spell Change: When you go through spell check and hit send so fast that you accidentally accept a change you didn’t mean to make.

Answering To Answer: When someone who doesn’t really have anything to say feels compelled to answer a rhetorical question . . . which, by definition, doesn’t expect or require an answer!

The No Help Help: The person who thinks (s)he is helping but instead causes more disruption than actual assistance . . . you know someone like this, don’t you!

The Sleep Sleep:
A full  night of tossing, turning sleep disruption.

Analysis Paralysis: Counter productive over thinking to the point of exhaustion.

Prisoner to answering the never ending tidal wave of inbox emails.

To Do List Lunacy:
Adding things you already did to the To Do list just so you can cross them off.

Smart Phone Dummy: The person who has the hottest technology but doesn’t know how to use any of it.

Know Nothing Know It All: The person who is an expert on everything they know nothing about.

Talk to Talk: The person who isn’t comfortable with dead air so just talks to talk regardless of having anything of interest to say.