The Relax. Set. Go. Workshop

Learn everything you need to Relax. Set. Go. In just one workshop, you’ll explore the power of perspective, establish realistic expectations, discover personal energy, identify destructive default behavior,  snap into the positive, apply relax rules to relish and experience a profound shift that will change the moment and your life.

Let’s Relax. Set. Go. together!

Phone:     917-602-7573
Pricing:   pricing is customized and available upon request

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Relax. Set. Go. Motivational Mixers at The Gaslight Lounge, New York City
Experience Relax.Set.Go. in motion, hear from esteemed guest speakers, learn new secrets to creating the future you desire and network with people who seek to live life to the fullest.  Mini-seminars will be followed by a cocktail reception.

Relax. Set. Go. Interactive Energy Project
Touch the lives of others by sharing your personal stories and successes on Relax. Set. Go. Energy is a boomerang and the more people sending out a positive vibe, the better the world will be.  The Interactive Energy Project will move you and inspire you.  Gratitude, empowerment and adventure are just the few of the boomerangs that will be in the air.  What boomerang will you send out?