Stress Block Syndrome

I used to say “it’s not what I get done that stresses me out, it’s what I don’t get done.” I was so fixated on the things that I didn’t do, that I rarely gave myself credit for all of the things that I did accomplish.

No matter how large, small, important or irrelevant, I would stress over the things I expected to do but didn’t get to. My to do list was an ongoing pile up of deadlines and intentions that weighed me down, closed me in and threatened my good nature. My to do list turned into a stress list and the greater the stress, the more emotionally blocked and subconsciously negative I became. I was suffering from Stress Block Syndrome. It happens when the negative influences of stress work to block emotional clarity and energy consciousness.

Picture a gateway that affects the decisions you make and the manner in which you live your life. Negative energy blocks the gateway and positive energy keeps it open. No matter how self aware people think they are, most live in a low state of energy consciousness. Relax. Set. Go. reclaims the ability to relax and pause. But, it’s success lies in the ability to recognize and set the energy and attitudes that guide your life. It’s about setting life to the positive and living life to the fullest, or more importantly, to fulfillment. That alone gives pause. You will relish the moment and have the confidence and passion to go for anything and everything you desire.

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