Turning On Your Positive Energy

If you think you can’t change your energy in an instant, think again. Athletes, actors and business executives do it all the time. Even you have probably changed your energy many times without giving it a name or recognizing how it was done. The method may vary but the idea of snapping out of one energy and snapping into another has been around a very long time.

Athletes use positive mental attitude (PMA) before a practice or competition. They channel, as individuals and as a team, a winning attitude where failure isn’t an option. They set their energy and reinforce it by directing their narrative to a very specific outcome: to win. Then they usually mark it with a physical action and a loud, affirmative call out like “Let’s go.” That marker solidifies the energy/narrative and puts it into unwavering action.

Actors are trained to utilize energy at will. They regularly get into character by channeling the emotional energy of a past experience that they can then put into motion. And, it has long been a technique of fashion photographers to verbally encourage models to think, feel and project a certain mood in order to get the desired result. Business executives pump themselves up with confidence in order to overcome fear and to focus on success. And, life in general has pushed each and every one of us to embrace strength in order to overcome obstacles, be they large or small. If you have ever said “I can do this,” you have set your narrative to the positive. If you said it with conviction, you strengthened your personal energy and potential outcome.

Whether practiced as such or not, snapping into positive energy always has the common thread of Relax. Set. Go. The best results always start when you relax and rid yourself of negative distraction. When you are calm and clear, there are no barriers to how you set your positive energy and narrative. And once set, you are always ready to go for whatever outcome you desire.

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